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F2P "Extreme Street Race" announces landing on PC and mobile platform

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In the early morning of April 16, Beijing Time, Turn 10 Studio officially announced the latest series of "Extreme Speed" Forza Street, which is an F2P game. Win10 PC version is now on the line in Microsoft Store, size 3.85G, and will be launched on iOS and Android platforms. Officials said that the original design of "Extreme Street Race" was to "play anytime, anywhere, and to stimulate the enthusiasm of car-loving people". The new game is streamlined in operation and control. Players can gain an advantage in the game if they grasp the timing of acceleration and braking. On the basis of simple fast games, the game also matches the story mode. Players can get awards in the race, collect and modify all kinds of racing cars, and experience the movie-like racing sports. In addition, Turn 10 Studio promises to enrich Ji in the future.
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