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Wolf Learner, The Wolf, Phase I: Wei Ming

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Wolf Learner, The Wolf, Phase I: Wei Ming
Luxury full video dubbing version of Simple and Traditional Personal Name Translation "Wolf" has been on sale for some time. Wolf scientists at home and abroad have done a lot of research videos. Because I am busy, I have not updated in time. Please forgive me. So, from today on, let's go into the country of reed name again and dance with wolves together. First of all, I want to point out some translation problems, because I will not quote all the names of the translated version in the following programs, but mainly Japanese version, which is the same as the previous "Curse of Blood Source". According to previous interviews with From's Taida Beiwei, the simplified and traditional Chinese translations of "Only Wolf" belong to two teams, and the original text is Japanese. In addition, in previous works, the text was written by Miyazaki Yinggao himself. This time, another member was responsible for most of the text, while Miyazaki was responsible for the revision and adjustment. & Nbsp; Beiwei Taida & nbsp;...
The results from the Machine Translation
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