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Happy Night Talk: Playing games with people who don't play games

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Happy Night Talk, everyday jokes and games related farts, ghosts, new things. Xiao Luo, who is also on sick leave today, stayed at nbsp. Last weekend, I had a birthday pot with an old friend whom I haven't seen for a long time. During the dinner, she mentioned that she started playing with “ reverse referee ” series. Hearing this, I was overjoyed and immediately began to talk about "Ghost Craft" and "The Great Reversal Judge". Ghost trick, cat control Gospel & nbsp; if you ignore the confusion and confusion on the face of my only audience, I think I made a very successful propaganda speech. In the conversation that followed, I learned that my friends obviously could not distinguish Bu Tang Long-yi from Wang Nixifa-jie, nor could they understand the subtle differences between 3D S and PC simulators. Even if the game is cleared, it's her boyfriend (that's a real & ldquo; reverse referee & rdquo; a series of loyal fans) who is in charge of tapping the keyboard, and she's in charge of the side.
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