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Switch Weekly Journal: Leisure Farming Week

2019-04-15 17:42:04Source: Game time

Hello, everyone. This is Switch Weekly Travel Newspaper. It is dedicated to bringing you a quick view of Switch games every week, helping you to screen out games worth playing and unique games. This column will be updated every Monday. I hope you don't miss the first episode of Season 8 of Game of Power. The subtitle of the first episode is Kings Landing. It seems that the story will start around Junlin City. Friends who like the play can look forward to it every week. This week's NS game is also very strong, looking at each one seems to be familiar with IP. I have purchased, of course, Portia Time and Teacup Head, a farm and a challenge, which are very suitable for two different living conditions. After playing the game last week, I think it's a good game, of course, The Game of Royal Power. The mode of the game follows the usual style, but this tour is just like that.

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