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Penguin Go!

2019-04-15 17:35:24Source: Touch music

I took off my suit jacket and transformed it into a black cat of generation 0 with 10,000 tickets on the market. I used the number of steps I had stored in the past two days to gallop on the drumming map. The evil spirit has eroded the streets and alleys, and I run to the deep fog with a blue-light solar ball in my hand - mdash; & mdash; I am not & ldquo; late-night supernatural civil servant - rdquo; I am an imperial priest. On April 11, Tencent's exploratory AR Tour "Come and Catch Demons Together" opened an unfiled test. "Catching Demons Together" was developed and produced by Tencent's Tianmei Studio Group. Prior to that, this model & ldquo; Tencent's first leisure hand tour using AR and block chain technology & rdquo; had undergone many rounds of testing for up to a year. The core game of "Catching Demons Together" consists of two parts: one is to get the real-time position of players through LBS (Location-based Services) technology, and to show the player's image.

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