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"Malio Tennis ACE" updated 3.0 today to add a new mode of play

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Nintendo today released the updated version 3.0 of "Malio Tennis ACE", which will include "ring shooting", "Yaoxi's color ring" mode and new plot animation. "Malio Tennis ACE" will add a new offline mode of "Circle Ball". Players can get points by hitting balls through random circles while passing through multiple circles, aiming shooting and maneuvers to get more points. This mode supports up to four people in a single machine. This work will also launch a time-limited online mode "Yaoxi's Color Ring" on June 1. The general rule is the same as "Ring Shooting". Only when the player hits the corresponding color of Yaoxi, can he score. This mode will also reward the player to use the online mode of Pink, Blue and Orange Yaoxi. "Malio Tennis ACE" will also join the new role "Broken Turtle" in May. The total number of roles will reach 28. Officials have promised to add more roles in the future. Source: Nintendo website
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