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Japanese game/Hardware weekly sales 2019 4.1~4.7

2019-04-11 10:50:45Source: Game time

The sales of games and hardware in Japan last week (4.1~4.7), Fami, have been announced, and the new "Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission" won the top of the sales list with 123,000 results. Last week's first-selling "Yew West Handmade World" slipped to second place, selling 28,000 copies. In third place is the "Wolf Shadow two Degrees" PS4 version, sales of 18,000 copies. Located in the fourth, "Nintendo star Big Bucket Special Edition", sold 15,000 copies this week, the Japanese region's cumulative sales have officially exceeded 3 million, only 17 weeks. Other new works, the B women's game "Variable Barricade" landed on the PSV platform, sales of 3,993 copies, located in the 14th place in the sales list. 2019 2019 4.1~4.7 Japanese Game sales: hardware, last week's highest sales for Switch, a total sale ...

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