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Zingfront: Q1 Global Popular Game Publishers'Publishing Trend in 2019

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Recently, ZingFront, a supplier of marketing solutions, has compiled and published a trend analysis of global popular distributors in the first quarter of 2019, showing quarterly and monthly data of China, Japan, Europe and the United States, and South Korea respectively, providing a reference for game developers and distributors. Following is an overview of the report: China has a strong promotion of new games, the stock of old games in the Chinese game market due to policy impact, Tencent, Netease, Perfect World and other giants dominate, small and medium-sized enterprises are relatively limited. Tencent's most creative blockbuster game, PUBG MOBILE, has an average type of creative material, mainly through Facebook, Google Adwords and Audience Network. Netease's "Shendu Night Travel Record" has the highest number of creative materials, mainly video, put in AppLovi.
The results from the Machine Translation
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