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Bluepoint: The next project is not "remake", but "reshaping"

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Bluepoint: The next project is not
&Nbsp;Bluepoint has always been known for its high quality old game remake works, such as "Wanda and Colossus" on PS4, "The Mysterious Sea Nathan Drake Collection", "Gravity Vision world re-plate" and so on. In a recent GDC speech, Dalton, the studio's technical director, revealed that their next piece of work would be less than just "remake." Given the complexity of the project, we see "Wanda and The Colossus" as Remake, not Remaster. As for our next project, we see it as Re-Envisioning (remodeling) because it goes far beyond "Wanda and the Colossus." Previously, there have been rumors in the industry that Bluepoint is beginning to PS3 the masterpiece "The Soul of the Devil" of the remake, and Ozaki himself has expressed although Fro ...
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