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"Time Restart" animation overview exposure: different "new future"

2019-04-01 00:00:00Source: People's net

Conceptual design is the basis of constructing a world outlook of animation works. Recently, the first hot-blooded competitive animation drama "Time Restart" under Guochuang World View IP "Instant Light Year" has exposed the first batch of exquisite outline maps, showing the world outlook setting in the sky and horse. Different "new future" has opened people's eyes. In the future set by Time Restart, the Earth Star has been enveloped by the toxic substance "haze" and ordinary people have life worries once they touch it. But "haze" has a great role in promoting plants, so the vast majority of the earth's surface is covered by the growing vegetation. This vast vegetation is known as the "Green Sea". Human beings began to rebirth in the green sea of urban islands. The story of the animation of Time Restart is unfolded under this world outlook. In the vast green sea, there is a "familiar and unfamiliar" Oriental City "Senhai City" - a future city built on the prototype of SH, an international metropolis, but with a geographical pattern.

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