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Seals rush! "Watching Pioneer" Hangzhou Lightning Team renamed "Seals"“

2019-04-02 00:00:00Source: People's net

The official Weibo of Hangzhou Lightning Team in the "Watch Pioneer" League announced today that the Hangzhou Lightning Team was officially renamed the "Hangzhou Seals Team" and the logo of the team was changed to a cute pink seal. The original text of the official micro-blog: Hangzhou Lightning Team submitted to the Alliance's application for renaming has been approved. HangzhouSpark is officially renamed HangzhouSeals today, and the Team Logo will be updated accordingly. The main color of Hangzhou Seals brand is still pink, and the exclusive skin of the league team will not be changed. Thank you for your support. The Hangzhou Seals will continue to break through the difficulties and advance bravely in the second stage of the competition. This renaming was highly praised by fans, as can be seen from the comments on Weibo below.

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