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"Game Accompaniment" still needs to break through the profit barrier

2019-04-04 00:00:00Source: People's net

The game industry extends the need for accompanying practice. Some people enjoy playing black voice, while others hope to find the game God to guide and bring points. The rapid development of the game market has also ignited the related derivative industries. One of them is "game training". In the game, "God" guides users to play competitive games such as "King's Glory" and "Jedi Survival", charging a certain fee, but also extends to provide more and more vertical platforms for game accompanying training, such as battering electric race, fishing dog, etc. However, some analysts said that although there is a certain market for game training, the industry has a low ceiling and non-rigid demand, and more profit channels need to be explored. With the popularity of competitive games, users'demand for self-entertainment and upgrading has also derived new industries such as game accompanying and playing. Reporters in Taobao, Tianmao and other platforms search found that there are many online games franchised shops, personal workers.

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