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Immersive Cultural Experience "Floating Life for Qing Song" Promotes Millennium National Style

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Immersive Cultural Experience
Floating life meets the moon downstairs, Bianjing flourishing Sheng song falls. "Fusheng is Qingge" Handyou adheres to the purpose of reconstructing the ancient style game. On the basis of promoting classical culture, it deeply integrates the cultural elements of the ancient style which have been spreading for thousands of years into the game. It ingeniously restores the cultural details of the land of Shenzhou for thousands of years through poetry, song, qin, chess, calligraphy and painting, and so on. It also carves the representative national style characteristics into the game so that players can play in it. Experience the game and appreciate the pure ancient style at the same time. Interweaving ancient and modern experience of Millennium civilization in promoting the core concept of national culture game, "floating life for the Qing Song" Tour dedicated to the vast number of players to dedicate a cultural and visual coexistence of the ancient style feast. In the process of research and development, in order to ensure the pure ancient tone and the acceptance of players, hand-tour designers combine modern aesthetics with ancient culture, through game characters, plot animation, background stories, scenic spots and monuments, so that history and culture can penetrate into all aspects of the game.
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