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Spiritual Scroll Aesthetically Presents "Devil's Restaurant" Opening

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Spiritual Scroll Aesthetically Presents
Brocade weaving, colourful picture scroll. When the first stop of Cos Galaxy animation Carnival in Suzhou was opened, the fantastic spiritual paintings were quietly presented to the world. The scroll not only contains information about monsters and beasts in different spiritual realms, but also provides more benefits for players to "join" and become storekeepers. Immediately go, learn more about the content of the scroll, and embark on the journey of pursuing warmth and delicacy with The Devil's Restaurant. Exclusive secret news and good etiquette in the spiritual world painting volumes mysterious spiritual world, is a detailed record of the 13 spiritual world of the precious map. From the origin of the restaurant to the land of Taoyuan, store managers will encounter strange stories in the place they pass, all of which are recorded here one by one. As the number of bookings increases, the spiritual realm on the spiritual realm will gradually be unlocked, and the more gifts the storekeepers receive. Among them, there are many necessary props for restaurant management.
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