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Treating the chaos of online games to promote special legislation

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National People's congress representative, Hunan Xiangtan Electric Co., Ltd. Electrical Division Research Institute Director Designer Zhou Linghui: Online games are carefully designed by professionals according to the needs of human nature, it is difficult for players not to get caught up in them, not only young children are addictive, even adults can not stop. Representative of the National People's Congress, member of the National People's Congress of UNESCO, Chairman of China Aerospace Science and Industry Group Co., Ltd., party secretary Gao Hongwei: Multi-level three-dimensional to promote the legalization of online game supervision process, research, formulate and enact the "Online game supervision Regulations", and further strengthen the network game products production, release, consumption of government supervision. National People's Congress, Quzhou County, Hebei province, Qing Bing Taxi love team captain Zhangqingbin: Strengthen government supervision, learn from the practice of film and television works approval, grading, the online game for strict approval, strictly prohibited with stimulation, violence, pornography and other content of the game online, according to the game properties of the row ...
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