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Touch Le night talk: No, no, don't talk nonsense

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Touch Le night talk, every day make fun and games related to the fart, ghosts, new things. Figure/Ronaldinho A little embarrassed yesterday, Baidu Paste bar Steam Bar Master "Shimo true ji" posted, Steam Bar became the official designated Steam Chinese discussion community in the V society. He also said that this is Baidu Paste Bar official operation, Perfect World, V society, Paste Bar Group joint efforts of the results. The Lord is still a lesbian. Empty, as evidence, West Makano Jifan took a screenshot of a Steam customer service reply. The screenshot is that a user has made some suggestions in the Steam community, and customer service is grateful to the enthusiastic user and encourages them to participate in Steam community discussions or Chinese discussions. However, specific to the Chinese discussion forum, Steam customer service said "such as Steam paste bar." By implication, Steam Bar ...
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