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"Her story" developer brings a mysterious new book, "Lying."

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In "Her Story" (Her Story), each player uncovers the truth behind a criminal event in a different way, which is also a wonderful thing. The game was launched in 2015, and players need to investigate crime with instinct, both as an innovative standalone game and as proof that live full-motion images (FMV) still have room to live in the gaming world. As an independent developer, Sam Barlow Sam, is aware of the risks of making her story. Brough told me at this year's Game Developers Conference (GDC) that when he spoke to another designer, Mike Bithell, the developer of "Thomas not alone," before the game went on sale, although there was no cold water than Schell, "but you can see that He must have thought I was too pathetic to waste my time doing such a thing ...
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