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Those April Fool's Day stories and accidents.

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False things can also bring happiness, and April Fool's Day has been used to prove it for many years. Many stories happen at this time of year, some of which are interesting and difficult to laugh at, while others are more embarrassing and even develop into accidents. No matter what kind of April Fool's Day joke, what they have in common is to get people out of their real lives for a moment. It's not an easy thing to do. I wonder if you ever thought that April Fool's Day spread a lot of "false" things, and once these false things were recorded, it became another kind of reality. Today we'll talk about those April Fool's Day jokes in the gaming industry and see the real fake stories. Many of these cases are not successful (or even embarrassing) by the standards of banter, but they are reviewed years later, and the jokes that were not funny were a "sand carving" story, ...
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