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Touch Le night talk: Back to April Fool's Day

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Touch Le night talk, every day make fun and games related to the fart, ghosts, new things. April Fool's Day is also not a fool's time (picture/Ronaldinho) for many friends, April Fool's Day is April Fool's Day, this is your free joke, do not worry about being condemned, which of course sounds very cool, but once April Fool's Day, sometimes also need to pay for this "cool" of the price of the If your April Fool's Day joke is too realistic, you must accept the possible "eat" when the truth is revealed. However, also because of fear of this, the game manufacturers who play April Fool's Day joke are mostly able to take care of the mood of the players, they are basically good to maintain the April Fool's Day joke between "make people smile" and "completely play off", and do not want players to believe, And it's not going to really bring anything ...
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