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Why on Earth is "the hymn" So bad? Under

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Editor's note: Why on Earth is the song "Hymn" So bad? (Above). "The frost engine is full of razor blades. "A few weeks ago, a former BioWare employee told me. In a sense, this sentence is a fitting summary of the experience of hundreds of EA game developers using the frost engine to make games in recent years. The frost engine was built by EA Swedish studio, shooting game "Battlefield" series developer DICE. Over the past decade, the company's studios have used it to play games, driven by Patrick's Sodran, a former EA executive (by using a third-party engine such as frost rather than illusory, which can share knowledge and save a large amount of licensing costs). In the 2011, BioWare instead used frost to make "Longteng century: Judgment," but it caused a lot of trouble for the development team. If you use the engine of the past, the team ...
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