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How to Open the History of Red and White Machine Vision

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Before deciding to become a game editor, I worked for a long time in a traditional publishing house. Of course, the content of my work had nothing to do with games at that time. The only impact of this job on me was probably to develop some strange reading habits: reading a book not only depends on its content, binding and printing quality, but also unconsciously turns over the copyright page to see its size, print number (although most publishing houses have not written it) and print times, in order to get a rough outline. Calculate its costs and profits - mdash; & mdash; especially for books that are particularly good and bad. That's how I picked up History of Red and White Machine Vision. The original book NES/Famicom: a Visual Compendium is published by Bitmap Books Publishing House, the founder of which is Sam Dyer.
The results from the Machine Translation
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