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"Wild Big Dart Online" Showdown mode has now added "wanton plunder"

2019-04-10 12:39:42Source: Game time

Rockstar announced that the "wilderness Big Dart Online" test version has been added today to the new Showdown mode "wanton plunder." In the "wanton plunder", due to the shortage of border resources, players need teammates to work together to break through the enemy team offensive, from the central location to seize resources, and transport them to your team base. Of course, players can also use the trick from the enemy team base to steal booty. It is important to note that players can be found by all players when they carry booty, so it is important to keep their form full. In addition, as an additional bonus this week, all coats, holsters, boots and gloves that can be purchased under level 40 will be open to all players for purchase. This award closes on April 15. If you are a higher level player, Turkmen, Missouri Foxtrot and Arabian horses will be reduced to level 40 for purchase, while high explosives, incendiary shotguns, highly explosive single-headed projectiles, hollow high explosions ...

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