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VR audio Tour "Super Beat" has now landed on the National Bank PS4

2019-04-10 11:49:26Source: Game time

Gamepoch star Zuangi today announced that the VR music game "Super Beat" is now listed in the National Bank PS4 Mall, the price of 68 yuan. CDB PS4 Store Portal: click here. "Super Beat" as a VR sound tour, all of its operations can be done by controlling the VR baton. Players need to match the rhythm of the music, and when the beat ball arrives in front of the transparent shield, tap or scratch them with a baton, thus completing the operation and accumulating the score. And depending on how accurate the player knocks on the beat ball, it will get different ratings and scores. When you hit the beat ball continuously and accurately, you will get a combo, and the more hits you have, the higher the final score. It is worth mentioning that the game not only has a wealth of songs, but also a number of future urban stage of the grand scene, each music of the melody and rhythm corresponding to a game stage. Tokyo: The future style of the East Asian City of London: Modern style of European city Rio ...

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