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After "The hymn", BioWare "Longteng century 4" Now what is the situation?

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Earlier, Kotaku published Yi Sunwan word length, detailing the story behind the development of the hymn, as well as the difficulties experienced by the team. And the author in the interview with Bioware employees to understand the "hymn" at the same time, but also a deeper understanding of the studio's other work, "Longteng century 4" of the current development status. How did "Longteng century 4" actually develop and is it still in its early stages? This is a complex reality, and it still reflects the predicament that Bioware Studios has been facing all along. The following is a brief summary of the highlights of this long article, more detailed content please wait for the full version after. The "Longteng century 4" project underwent a reboot in October 2017 and is currently being developed by Bioware Edmonton Studios. The reason for the reboot was that the hymn was in dire straits at the time and had to ...
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