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Touch Le night talk: "Welcome to Ma Wen" and days without games

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Touch Le night talk:
Touch Le night talk, every day make fun and games related to the fart, ghosts, new things. Figure/Ronaldinho "Welcome to Ma Wen" 19 years ago April 8, the American Mark Hogankamp Mark Hogancamp is drinking in a bar, drink he became unobtrusive, told the people around him is a transvestite (simply like female high heels), 5 guys around Mark punched him, Mark lost consciousness and fell outside the pub door. The attack nearly killed Mark, who was in a coma in hospital for a full 9 days because his brain was damaged and almost all of Mark's previous memories were lost. Mark left the hospital to return to his home after Medicaid was exhausted, and the following days he used his saved disability benefits to build a 1/6-percentage Belgian town in the backyard. Mark shaped Hogie captain &mda in his own image ...
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