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VG all the review of the "Wolf" : this game let's howl like a Wolf

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VG all the review of the
The Wolf is coming! This is "the Wolf". Reason, we are afraid, the first to play the game of the three heart to dozen self-closing, next to the bystanders in don't know who said 1: "the broken game I don't buy!" Three hearts back: "in fact, I had a good, because have work arrangement, so more irritable." We watch this a few people, later to play "the Wolf", also bought a "Wolf". We play for a few hours, to play a bit longer, three hearts have customs clearance for a week. Now, we have decided to rest, rest first... This game make people cool, also let people go to suppress panic, to play for a while there will be a lot of emotion, there are a lot of words can't help. So here, we can't help with you said about the game, "Wolf" said about our feeling. Lottery: we will be from this article comments area selected one of the players, send out a "Wolf" STEAM version. "The blood curse" after several years I didn't call names. The left...
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