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"Professor leighton and incredible town" or will launch the Switch

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Professor leighton series first work "leighton professor and incredible town" in 2007, initially log in NDS, but Level - 5 does not intend to this work starting on Saturday. Last year, the work is in the form of Gao Qinghua on the mobile end again. Recently, the diversified aggregation of language translation of information G4F Localisation of web content, according to "leighton professor and incredible town" version of the Switch is also developing. In addition, the game text will add support for French, German, Italian and Spanish, but does it include Chinese text, not to mention. After G4F Localisation accurately forecast the mysterious journey leighton carter li al and richest plot "Switch version of exist, so the news should also have considerable credibility. Level - 5 presidents hino hang bo once mentioned that...
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