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Lady Gaga, or will be starring in "cyberpunk" 2077"

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Lady Gaga, or will be starring in
Lady Gaga, according to the French website ActuGaming set CD Projekt Red "cyberpunk" 2077 ". ActuGaming said they got the news from multiple sources anonymous, Lady Gaga to CDPR studio in the past few months have worked some motion capture, so "cyberpunk" 2077 "Lady may arise in the image of the Gage, or by her starring role, but the specific form of the unknown. In fact, this is not the original cyberpunk 2077 rumors cooperation with Lady Gaga. Last September, "cyberpunk" 2077 "for official replied to a Lady Gaga released in 2012, twitter, and by speculation that the two possible partnership. At the same time, given the current more and more stars to participate in the game...
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