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The dead cell, free DLC "rise" the giant March 28 on the PC

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The dead cell, free DLC
Recently, the "cell death" developers Motion Twin announced the latest free DLC game "rise of the giant" will be on March 28 on PC platform. The free DLC will be for the game to join a variety of new elements, including new maps, new enemies, new skills and dress up system and so on. The dead cell, honor trailer video address in the "rise of the giant", players can come to a new level had "cave". Here is located in the graveyard, filled with all kinds of traps, lava pool and a new enemy. Through the checkpoint, the player will take on a new Boss. Game also joined the 10 kinds of new enemies, some of which will appear in the cave or hide levels, also will appear in the hard/difficult/expert/nightmare mode. DLC for game added three new skills, including flying pets and single use map; Ten kinds of new weapons, including the giant killer...
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