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LPL team stepped dividing EDG failed to teams

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LPL team stepped dividing EDG failed to teams
The spring before the half has been in version 9.2, because of the defensive towers coating, cause rhythm speeding up, on the hero selection can consider more attacking hero, so we always says ueno version, this is a fast eat coating, valley pioneer for pushing, can early economic gap, quickly ended the game. Thanks to the many teams have taken place in the change of the quality of a material, such as TOP, FPX these teams stand out, and once the domination of operation of the LPL EDG in this season, some not so good. The third echelon team (weak) : Snake, RW, OMG, VG these teams began flying after make the playoffs the basic self, dozen of spread slowly and along with the gender, there is a kind of your food I have more food than you both visual sense. RW can be V5 zero, OMG playing EDG ICON zoe magic before operation explanation so amazed the factory director to jilt broadsword, the team has lost the will to win...
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