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Look from the "perfect world" mobile game of IP form

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Look from the
Game as a big important carrier of the entertainment industry is playing a important link, and link the basis of cultural and entertainment industry in IP. A good IP can quickly build user perception of products, while improving product affinity to reduce user understanding and overhand threshold. And classical IP is more able to rely on its long term accumulated user base to realize the whole. Importance more and more important in the entertainment industry, IP, how to cultivate the classical IP become a concern in the industry. On March 6, immediately after the "perfect world" mobile game online, the top China iOS total list of free list and sell list first. Such a result, naturally became the gaming industry in the New Year the first blockbuster. Secondly, in terms of influence: the success of the "perfect world" mobile game once again proved the importance of the original IP, as well as a classic IP contain energy. Rome was not built in a day IP also needs time...
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