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"Tomorrow's ark" xie raga agent making intelligence

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- the sky seems dark down, it's going to snow. The Rhine life, autonomy in Saskatchewan regiment, "tomorrow the ark" published on the 8th of this month the latest in the video released again another heavyweight faction in the game background - xie raga agent are the making of the image information. In the eagle Angle produced by the company network independent operation of the game, innumerable entanglements regime forces camps constitute the vast deep view of the world. But just looking the story background of the game, at the age of snow covered the religious country [xie raga] are the most beautiful and mysterious. Special film using the ethereal BGM sticked on the hill with the voice-over artists superb artistry will these pious saints from the snow mountain is deduced to get incisively and vividly. "Meet the blue light shine on us." All the people who first saw the first snow, will be to think of "this is the virgin right". Only is different from her the heavy and complicated and traditional clothing, the cameroonian LAN...
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