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"The Wolf" new experience pain and stimulate two hours of fun

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As a halfway into the pit of M player, though never experience the soul of the devil's "pure" malicious, but I also was in the town of luo rick, YaNan take a dip in the famous tourist attractions, communicate with local residents kind, feel the thrill of the life and death one line. But all the way from the original play of "the soul of darkness" to "the blood curse", it is a little fatigue. Because of this reason, miyazaki British high participate in the development of the From Software action game "Wolf shadow passed two degrees compared with the predecessors, more distinctive, the core of combat system - parry, it highlights the uniqueness. At the invitation of the PlayStation Hong Kong on February 18, I try the Wolf shadow passed a second before an hour and a half, and half an hour early in the process, to fully experience the best of the new IP. Here is our demonstration and explanation on the demo content, contains the game before...
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