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The hydrophobic "marathon di lang," join the Xbox backward compatibility

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The hydrophobic
Recently, Microsoft announced two game "hydrophobic" and "marathon di lang," join the Xbox One backwards compatible, both game was Xbox Live Arcade games. "Hydrophobic" in 2010, is a sale on the Xbox 360 survival adventure game. The game is set in the middle of the 21st century, the world was the crisis in population expansion. Should for this crisis, the five giants together to build the big cruise ship called "queen of the world". All people in the world at the same time of suffering, "the queen of the world" is a thriving. At the start of the game, a in order to solve the population crisis at killing the terrorist attacks of the cruise ship, and you will be a named Kate Wilson, a systems engineer to free cruise. After release, the hydrophobic evaluation is not very good. The game Metacriti...
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