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Sakurai zheng bo: "man-eater flower" war due to its unique

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Sakurai zheng bo:
From the nintendo star ported Special edition release for 2 months, sakurai zheng bo supervision recently in an interview on Nintendo Dream when it comes to this new role squid niang, man-eater flower, Simon, Richter design anecdotes. The nintendo star ported Special edition "in the public's first new war role" color injection group 2 "of squid boy/girl, sakurai supervision said in the first design concept of the role of" quantity of residual ink need reasonable management itself, the actual to find it very difficult to get started, but it is still retained in the final game. Sakurai supervision also mentioned "ported" production team had from the experiences of "squid" team, questioning the concept and the distortion of squid ink into "ported" how to do it. Man-eater flower is the role of is very popular recently, sakurai supervision says select it on the grounds that its popularity and uniqueness. Supervision and mentioned that he spent a lot of work to highlighted the role of, with a sword...
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