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Immediately join the lra "storm hero" new content online now

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Last summer, genji, Anna and stowe peskov snake with army brought space-time hub near a devastating disaster. In the face of snake army evil invasion, has a team called "resistance" is assembled. Now, we are familiar with the di card, half hidden and blaze has resistance army's new clothes, will be hub to the space and time of peace, and evil serpent military fight. Before joining to combat their justice, let's take a look at how these heroes is shouldering the mission! Join resistance army: new tough skin and mounts In the violent confrontation with the viper army, di card he is the backbone of the lra. As the serpent era of military rule, space-time hub of people suffering from the unprecedented suffering. However, under the guidance of major deckard DE Payne, there are special skills of the team are stealth, their task is only one: the resistance. Since resistance army arrived in time and space hub,...
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