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To buy it? "Catherine Full Body"

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To buy it?
Guide "buy it" column, to provide a game introduction, version information and some foreign media for the evaluation of the game. Game introduction over thirty people, longtime girlfriend urge marriage, marriage is the grave of our life!!!!!!! Outside in a sexy enthusiasm of young girls throw herself married or something, is it necessary? I don't want to be tied down... When you are in a dilemma (?) , the third girl come to your side, the bird in accordance with the people I met of flow - to find new possibilities, open the door to new world ~ around two original besides heroine, and the third Catherine this is Catherine the Full Body "will appear for the player. This is the PS3 "Catherine" heavy plate making, compared to the original added two new heroine, and the heroine is also "Catherine", and the new plot, is worthy of the name, system, version. In the process of the game, players need to do a lot of dialogue points...
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