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Touch the dorm: activision blizzard and its game

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Touch the dorm: activision blizzard and its game
Touch the night, say every day and play about fart matter, ghost, new. Figure/since the second half of 2018, ronaldinho, blizzard will not peace. Recently, activision blizzard seems to be suffering the huge impact of globalization, falling share prices, it is reported that activision blizzard on Tuesday in a massive layoffs of hundreds of people. Activision blizzard's share price has lower industry related sources, this a series of difficulties, activision blizzard is currently encountered related to its product performance not exceeding the expectation ". Watch "hearth legend", "pioneer" and so on old game users stagnation or decline, the family of fate 2: left sales is bad, the storm hero out of part of the core members. In addition, including activision's chief financial officer/long is known in Taiwan. Spencer Neumann, administrative personnel and resignation or retirement. Activision blizzard seems to be on thin ice, now in a dilemma. How to get out of the this time...
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