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"Total War: Three Kingdoms" was postponed until May 23

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Creative Assembly just announced that the release of Three Kingdoms of Total War, originally scheduled for March 7, was postponed to May 23 in order to further improve the quality of the game and provide a better and better experience when the game is officially launched. In the official announcement, developers said that a new set of very complex systems had been added to the game, and that they needed more time to debug them in order to make them work properly and provide enough interesting experience. At the same time, they will use these two months to further polish the details, reduce the number of Bugs, further check the content of localization and so on. They think that a complete and excellent game experience is more important than strictly abiding by the release date. Originally scheduled for sale in the fall of 2018, it was postponed until March 2019, and now it is postponed to May. I hope the long waiting time will finally be worthwhile.
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