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How hard is it to name the game?

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How hard is it to name the game?
The importance of names for games is self-evident. When we change the identity of developers, we have to consider its meaning, attractiveness, and even the potential of localization and sequels. The content you create may appear on the opening pages of newspapers and magazines the next day. It is not a bad thing in the final analysis to prepare for your "decent appearance". Those 3A factories usually have abundant resources to promote their works. They don't have to worry too much about "name crash", so they only need to consider tolerance as much as possible to avoid too weird and increase the risk of publicity. Santa Monica's works are called God of war, Genki's lawn mowing game is also called Ikusagami. By contrast, small and medium-sized manufacturers simply let go of themselves, "Neptune the Brave: Make the world's universe eye-catching!!" RPG Manifesto!! 》 Sometimes it can also leave a deep impression on people.
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