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Nintendo: continue to promote 3 ds the Switch to a more

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PRC Beijing Feb. 11 (xinhua Yang Yu polo) recently, nintendo President expedition jung aso said in a question-and-answer session in corporate earnings, nintendo will continue to sell the classic 3 ds, in addition, want to push the Switch upgrade family reached an average of more than buying a game console. Now Switch mainframe has broke through the sales of 32 million units, and the 3 ds sales is falling, the expedition jung aso think, Switch the current nature is the main sales figures, however, although the 3 ds sales declined, but still has important role in the service for the company. Such as ease of use and low cost make it can be for children first entry-level host. Compared with large and relatively expensive Switch mainframe, 3 ds is more like a professional handheld rather than consoles. Nintendo once organized a survey and found that "although there are some families...
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