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New book? Remakes? EA "jade empire" trademark registration

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New book? Remakes? EA
Released to the "dragon age" new and "hymn" soon as an opportunity to Bioware seem to glow the vitality again, we can also look forward to in the near future to launch more new products, especially after the recent EA register the new trademark, the jade empire became Bioware next is likely to return to work. Trademark query website Justia Tradmarks  Shows that EA on January 22, register the trademark of the "jade empire", for "entertainment" and "online computer game" : from the perspective of game publishers, to keep the brand and continue to note a have many fans of the classic game of trademark behavior are not uncommon, but we cannot rule out the EA "jade empire" heavy plate or for the future new implication. In addition it is important to note that the EA for the rumored "Titan heaven" theme "chicken" game "Ape...
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