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Industrial age coming: "the era of 1800" regression "traditional"

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Industrial age coming:
Three years, the construction of simulation games & other; Era & throughout; There has been a new series. After the "era of 2070", "era 2205, after the background of two generations of the future work, a new" era of 1800 "(Anno 1800) back to the history, set his sights on the first point in time after the industrial revolution. In ubisoft sending us media Preview, Press the Preview, this day is on February 26, but it has been postponed to April 16. Preview provides the first chapter of the campaign mode, three class content before the sandbox mode, some pictures in the game, such as modeling material is not complete. Although preview does not represent the final product, but we can still see a new basic framework. S before the romantic flavor of the industrial age old & other players know, Era & throughout; Series of peculiar naming &...
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