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"Cyberpunk" 2077 "of the creative director to blizzard

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According to get the page, the original cyberpunk 2077 developers CD Projekt Red creative director & have spent Sebastian St ę pie ń has been away from studio, and joined the blizzard, the starting time for January this year. Sebastian St ę pie ń in CDPR work for more than 12 years, participated in the production of the wizard 2 "wizard 3" "cyberpunk" 2077 ". Move after the blizzard, he worked as a creative director will continue, but it is unclear what he will be involved in the project development. In addition, St ę pie ń departure will development of "cyberpunk" 2077 "what impact, we also don't know, but I hope it will not result in a game in development progress and other aspects of the delay. Source: ResetEra
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