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"My world" live-action movie history, the director change again

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According to & have spent Variety  Report, written by warner bros "my world" movie again change of director. The film director and screenwriter were replaced by Peter collett, su he previously directed works include rejection life and infinite spectrum etc. Peter was zuriel project since 2014, "my world" is an intrinsic filming process. Film director, because has been in a variety of reasons, including shawn levy (" real steel "museum wonderful night") and rob Michael hennessy (" always sunny in Philadelphia "). Said the former with Mojang for the movie have different idea, so leave. "My world" a movie based on the game based on the same name, tells the story of the dragon under the threat of the movie, at the end of the journey of a girl in the story called companion together to protect the hometown. "My world" film will be a live-action movie, will have a 3 d...
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