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"The black desert" mobile game valencia to add a new area

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On January 10, han2 fu2 "black desert" mobile game "valencia" updated new area. "Valencia" new area will, in turn, open, this update will add two dozen new strange map. Players in the related maps can be obtained in the deep level items. "Valencia" swim "black desert region is the original end plot main stage, is a war between the coalition and valencia region of history. Players in the game through the exploration of valencia, can confirm that the ancient civilization, valencia's prosperity and decline, and the story of black desert. To this, developers say, valencia is a versatile adventure elements in mainland China. Desert will be publicly in turn later, in the hope that players are looking forward to more. On the other hand, this update also changed the world, after the player can design a variety of trade strategy and plan. At the same time, the world BOSS stronger ability value, can obtain the reward of also has a corresponding improvement.
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