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Next generation cure XianXia "heaven asked" mobile game world view

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Next generation cure XianXia
Jun sea games recently published spearheaded by new product 2019-3 d XianXia mobile game "heaven asked", the main aesthetic quality, for healing time generation demon spirit pet, adventures dating and new features such as numerical profession. "Heaven asked" what will present a XianXia world? Today to learn about the game world outlook. This is a world of symbiosis between man, magic, demon. Evil huge inferno, partial in the corner of the neutrality of the demon race, represents justice camp cultivate immortality factions, in enlightenment practice at the same time, also if the guard peace of responsibility. But the boundaries of good and evil has never been so clear, there is compassion in magic, there are ill in the demon, justice has also couldn't say for sure the initiative between factions and discord. Rumours that pangu died, gathered around the stone and the heart, empty, million several floating islands of empty, is to "of shushan". Of shushan as seventy-two fairyland on earth, with the sword fix for the door, no sword play...
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