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"Tomorrow's ark" art teacher agent eve, is introduced

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Plug LeiYa? She is coming? Let me go and see - HeMo forbid? Then you take me secretly in the past! - eve, art teacher agent eve, although with HeMo, plug LeiYa and others belong to lane camps, but eve, the relationship between laboratory and Rhine life but a complex than others. Agent and the general division, eve, special envoy with a rod of weapons and illegal but a flamethrower, of course it also benefited from eve, flammable characteristics. Eve, the attack can be at the same time in a line of enemy spell damage, although the attack range is only a number of grid, but the coverage area is the largest of all art teacher agent. Like a specialization of defense LeiYa, eve, is against the roles in the Rhine life research institute. At the same time with a wide range of damage with a spell resistance/ability of a defense force, whether it's pure hand as an output or group resistance reduction of auxiliary ability is quite good. But...
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