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Why has WASD become a common configuration?

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Why has WASD become a common configuration?
I don't know when we started playing the game with keys and mice, and the posture became very fixed. WASD control mobile, mouse adjustment perspective, has become the basic operation of most RPG, FPS, and even action games. Even strategic content like Civilization, in order to facilitate players to take a comprehensive view of the whole situation, it also has the function of WASD translation map, which seems so natural, reasonable and in line with the standards. However, although WASD seems to be an obvious choice, it would be hard to say how popular the rules would have been if time had been pushed back for more than 20 years. "WASD = around" is not a mandatory set of standards, although it is difficult to identify the first pioneer to focus on the four buttons, but its formation and development, can be said to be the result of years of entanglement in the entire game industry. There is a lot of chance behind it, and there is also inevitability behind it. Before the rise of mouse control, "WASD + mouse..."
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