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"Portia time" will launch on January 15th Price of 98 yuan

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Chongqing pass the development of science and technology announced today that last year to Early Access shelves simulation game "Portia time" will be launched in January 15, 2019 formal version, sells for 98 yuan. According to the official, the game will include at least 60 hours of gameplay, and a number of feeder and small game. This & have spent During the Early Access in & have spent Got 93% favorable rating on Steam, in WeGame platform rate is as high as 96.7%, only & have spent Early Access  Version of the sales volume has more than 420000 copies, can saying is very good grades. Be worth what carry is, now the game is still in the process of experience, Steam and WeGame price temporarily is not ascension, still is 68 yuan, interested friends,...
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